Calories – All you need to know

Calories is a measure of energy but we often think of it as a curse word when it comes to diet and nutrition, there’s constant warnings to stay away from high caloric foods and to follow a calorie restricted diet in order for us to lose weight.

We eat food to get it’s nutritional value (calories) and supply our bodies with energy for our different daily activities, some foods have more calories than others and different daily activities burn more calories than others.

Your BMR and RMR is the amount of calories you need just to maintain bodily functions, add to that the amount of energy you need to digest your food (thermic effect of food) plus what you need to keep you going throughout the day adds up to your total daily caloric needs.

The more active we are the more calories we need, there is however an imbalance in most cases as we are no longer lead the active lifestyles of our forefathers. Sitting behind computers all day doesn’t burn as much calories as ploughing the fields, combine this with high calorie fast foods and you have a recipe for unwanted weight-gain.

Lets put all this in perspective, a medium Mc Donalds Big Mac Meal contains 1220 calories a little more than half the calories an average person needs to maintain their body weight. Throw in a medium shake instead of the coke and you looking at your close to your 2000 calories for the day, and that was only lunch!

Counting calories is possibly one of the most difficult things to do when trying to lose weight, now you don’t have too, register on our my diet page, fill in your details and you daily food intake and we do the rest.

The program can be downloaded to your Blackberry as an App to make life easier for you, so there’s no excuses not to lose that extra kilos.

You can monitor the calories you burn during the day by filling in your daily activities and the display can compare the amount you consume to the amount you are burning. So start counting those calories today!